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So long since I've written here

Well, not that long. There are so many mixed opinions about blogs. Some people thing they should only be posted when there is something important to say...and obviously, and overwhelmingly, others think that the internet needs to know and actually cares about every aspect of their lives, including bodily functions. Where do I stand? Well I teeter between sharing way too much, and then going back and making a lot of the shit private. I feel like everyone is going to read what I write, and so I can't be completely candid. As for my bodily functions, most people know about them via proximity, so I don't need to recant them here.

I actually watched the news yesterday, and I have decided once again that I hate this country. Most of what made me angry about it was the way in which it was reported. The whole synopsis of the middle-east crises smacked of media filters and general ignorance. It isn't as if I have all of the details myself, but I can tell when someone is bullshitting me. As the newscaster went on I gradually became aware of how many Americans were eating all of it up like grits and gravy, and I felt like I was living on an island.

Global warming...It is happening!

Little Man Tate: A heartwarming and quirky film about a seven year old genius whose life-goals shift from wanting to be a normal child, to wanting everyone around him to understand his intellect, to wanting nothing more than the arms of a warm, loving maternal figure. Man, I love this film, and I started writing lyrics about it. I think it is going to be a mushy song, but I'll at least be able to sing it with passion.

John Elliot: This guy I was scheduled to play a gig with earlier this month became a really good friend of mine. He is so charming and passionate and funny! He really influenced me a lot, not only as a really cool personality, but also as a musician who decided to make a living out of his passion. I hope he makes it, and by makes it I mean ends up sticking with it. I don't think any of my talented musical acquaintances will ever be featured in Vogue or an MTV special, nor will their music be used to sell phones or cars or diapers. Thank fucking god for that fact. And it is my unwillingness to compromise, or perhaps my inability to stifle myself, that will never allow for me to sell out in these ways either. I can't even kiss ass enough to be a scenester.

So I have been hanging out with my gay friends. I say gay friends because they are all gay, and they identify with eachother in this way more than any other. I do not say this to label them or make them feel boxed in. However, sometimes when I refer to them as 'gays' or when I make a joke that is funny because I am surrounded by gays, I feel that it doesn't go over very well. Maybe it is because they are all young, or maybe it is because I am being insensitive. I don't know, but I am slowly beginning to care more and more about this. I still don't want to stop calling them gays. I think it is funny. Plus sometimes I feel singled out because I have a vagina, and I let them make jokes and stuff. Does this make it right? No, but it does make for engaging humorous commentary, a little bit of blood on the teeth while we're laughing. Does that make sense?

Yesterday I didn't even go into work, but instead sat in with my friend's art class. Guess who was there? None other than my boss, who as it turns out is taking the same class this quarter. I spent the first two hours of the class hoping she wouldn't see me or acknowledge me. Then, I sort of lost my nerve and went over to her. I am not fired after all, but I am rescheduled to work less hours on tuesdays. Man this summer rocks.
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