carvngintowater (carvngintowater) wrote,

smoting digital ruin

Distracting myself from cleaning, plus it feels like I'm talking to a person with an infinite capacity to listen (and maybe understand?) without all the hassle of answering me back. Habitually disorganized.This habit will be difficult to break. The television is like a toxic portal that I can't look at or go near. Yesterday I had to turn it on to see if the cable was still there. I remember leaning in closer and closer, and it felt like I was touching something dirty when I pushed the button on. Sure enough, the darkness of the screen lit up with brilliant, obnoxious neon, as if some vile spirit had returned from whence it was flung. I shut it off immediately, rending my long-time foe impotent and lifeless once more. Forgive me for turning daily life into lord of the rings-esque sagas, school hasn't started yet and I am bored. Back to cleaning. =(
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