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New music!

New music is always good. I have Scabbies. Stephen wouldn't admit that I caught it from him when I slept next to him during his mysterious time of itching and tiny red bumbs. Still, after hours of arguing, he wouldn't take responsibility for at least contracting the parasites. Magically, he had a tube of scabbies cream, and I am sitting with it now, waiting for the time when I can wash it off. Like the ants that invaded my kitchen, I am secretly imagining thousands of tiny bug bodies succumbing to the poison I inflicted upon them, and it is satisfying. Being human is quite fun sometimes, though I know that using chemical warfare against ones unwitting enemies is a bit more American than anything else. I just hope the damn cream works.
I tried to play my new song at the open mic, but She Who Will Not Be Named took her usual post a yard and a half away from me and directly in my line of vision and persisted in talking and laughing very loudly. Of course by the time I got on stage the bar was veritably empty, and I was in my own silence, save for her laughter and banter. Then, as I attempted to ignore this and play to the only two people listening, she paused to take in my song, and then waiting for the quietest point in the chorus to shout out some stupid sex punn about one of my words. The line was "calm time", and she said loudly "Cum time?!" I paused, having been blinked out of the mood I was trying to create, and the more I thought to regain it, the more I realized it was gone. I was so mad that I left the stage and, eventually, the bar, without saying good bye. Oh well, Andrew called me later.
He is revealing himself as more and more of a musical equal with me. I think he wants to make music with me, but I am so skeptical because of the business. He has been in it a while, and people steal stuff all the time. We got such a good recording of 'The Tide' that I am worried he could just copywright it in his name and then have it for his own. But he wouldn't do that. He wants to make good music with me, and he said he wants to make me a star. I don't know about promoting myself beyond what I am already doing. Many of my friends feel like I should be doing more to get my music out there. My mother has discouraged me at nearly every turn, except she is glad that I am performing, and wants me to continue to play the guitar. I would like to be a musician, but in order to do that I must learn the circle of fifths. Yesterday I broke down and cried after reintroducing myself to the circle of fifths. I am so touchy! Oh well, today is another day. I am going to look at it again.
Wednesday is the show at the Jewel Box. I've told so many people about it, maybe some of them will actually show up! Glee!
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